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Eileen George on "Suffering"

"Suffering does not come from God. We are subject to suffering from the Fall of man. Suffering was the consequence of the sin of Adam and Eve. They knew what would happen if they disobeyed. Yet they failed; so this is the consequence. In the meantime God our loving Father sent Jesus to redeem us. Jesus Christ, our loving Savior, the only divine Son of the Father, died upon the cross to win graces for us, to balance the scale of suffering, trials, tribulations, poverty, whatnot."

"When suffering does come our way, as it has come my way through cancer, God our loving Father is terribly upset. His heart is aching for me and for His children who are suffering, who hurt. He does not love the suffering - He gives us the graces to bear it, the grace of perseverance in our Faith, and a deep spiritual love, peace, and joy."

- page 57 in Eileen George. Beacon of God's Love: Her Teaching. The Meet-the-Father Ministry, Inc. 1990. The Meet-the-Father Ministry, Inc. 363 Greenwood St., Millbury, MA 01527.