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Prayer for the Sick

given to Jelena Vasilj from Our Lady

O my God,
this sick person before You
has come to ask You
what he desires, and
what he believes to be the most important thing for himself.

Grant, O God,
that these words enter into his heart:
"It is important to be healthy in the soul!"

Lord, May Your holy will
be done unto him in everything!
If you wish that he be healed
may he be given health.
But if Your will is different
may he continue to bear his cross.

I pray to You also for us
who intercede for him;
purify our hearts
so as to make us worthy
for Your holy mercy to be given through us.

Protect him and relieve his sufferings,
may Your holy will be done unto him.

Through him may Your holy name be revealed:
help him to bear his cross with courage.

After this prayer, recite the Glory Be three times.